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Go to Court Filing

Court Filing

Simply upload and file case documents with the court though our easy to use online court filing system. Refrain from ever having to waste paper and time though traditional couriers.

Go to Legal E-Service

Legal E-Service

Serve an unlimited number of documents to numerous parties instantaneously. Refrain from ever having to scramble for last minute deadlines through our easy to use service system.

Go to Process Serving

Process Serving

Serve documents instantaneously through out online process serving system. Our certified servers will be sure to serve all documents in a timely fashion upon request.

Go to Document Management

Document Management

Coordinate and control the flow, storage, retrieval, processing, printing, routing, and distribution of electronic and paper documents in a secure and efficient manner online.

Go to Communications Tool

Communications Tool

Communication is essential in the legal industry. For that reason, we allow you to stay connected with clients and the court through the instant message board. Always stay up to date with status updates.


Securely store and manage case evidence to be shared with litigants. There are no file size limitations and deposits can be accessed 24/7/365.

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Legal Document Server (LDS) is full service Legal Solutions company. LDS focuses on legal E-Service and online case management. Created by attorneys and seasoned engineers, the team at LDS has built an online platform that combines an E-Service and an all in one document management system for mobile case management solutions. By utilizing LDS’s advanced yet user-friendly system, attorneys, clients and the courts can manage and exchange case documents securely from anywhere in the world via the internet.

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