Legal E-Service

Refrain from ever having to waste paper, time and money by utilizing LDS’s electronic document service.  Serving documents can be completed by simply uploading the file(s) to our secure repository.  When uploading a document, the case information will be automatically implemented into the upload so you won’t have to continuously enter it.  All thats required is for you to enter the title of the document and click submit.  Once the document is uploaded and verified by our expert team, LDS’s system will convert the document to a Portable Document Format (.PDF) (if not already done so) and move it to the appropriate file folders based on the type of document.

After completing the upload, all parties to the case will be served by our automated electronic mailing system, which will provide the case and document information and a direct link to the file.


  • Upload and serve multiple documents simultaneously
  • Automatic integration of case meta data per upload
  • Receive upload confirmation instantly
  • Preview/download documents directly from service notification link
  • Receive document title, serving party name, date, and time of service
  • Receive a copy of service notification & Electronic Service List to verify service of litigants
  • SSL Certification for secure transmissions